Justice At Dachau
The Trials Of An American Prosecutor
Joshua M. Greene

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© Copyright 2003, Joshua M. Greene. All Rights Reserved


Justice at Dachau:
The Trials of an American Prosecutor

(Broadway Books, April 2003)

"...a compelling and dramatic courtroom account."

Washington Post


"Greene, who produced and directed the award-winning documentary Witness: Voices of the Holocaust, does a masterful job of gathering the reams of documents and piles of evidence and forming them into a cohesive and gripping story. His writing is simple but effective, without histrionics yet demanding attention. Denson died in 1998; this is a fitting and much-needed tribute to his work."

Publishers Weekly


"A new American Hero—William Denson—bursts forward in the riveting pages of Justice at Dachau. An Alabama human rights lawyer, Denson was sent to Europe by the U.S. Army to prosecute Nazi butchers feigning innocence in the bloody aftermath of the Second World War. Brilliantly written and fastidiously researched, Joshua M. Greene’s narrative builds chapter by chapter in dramatic Hollywood-like fashion. Each war criminal Denson convicts brings a cheer to the heart. This is historical storytelling at its finest."

Douglas Brinkley, Director, Eisenhower Center for American Studies
Author (with Stephen Ambrose): Witness to America
Author: Jimmy Carter: The Unfinished Presidency


"Justice at Dachau is a mesmerizing account of one of history's most infamous periods. Joshua Greene takes the reader back in time by weaving together a riveting narrative on the trial and its central figure Judge William Denson, a true hero and humanitarian. This book is destined to be a classic in Holocaust histories."

Patrick O'Donnell
Author: Beyond Valor and Into the Rising Sun


"A cogent, well-written contribution to legal and military history, and fitting tribute to a principled man."

Kirkus Reviews


"Not only does Greene present a flattering, and well-deserved, portrait of Denson, he provides a model for future war crimes prosecutors and defense attorneys alike. In the Nazi war crimes trials, American military defense counsel upheld standards of professionalism even with respect to clients who had once been their enemies, and whom clear evidence showed had committed horrific acts. Seeking to uphold both international law and ideals of American justice, they vigorously defended their clients amidst cries of "victor's justice"These are facts that should not be forgotten, particularly given that the Bush Administration has promised future war crimes prosecutions in the aftermath of a resolution to the current U.S.-Iraq military conflict."

Mark S. Zaid
Findlaw's Writ
Managing Partner, Krieger & Zaid, Washington, D.C.


"For decades, the extraordinary story of William Denson, a major but forgotten lead American prosecutor in the Dachau trials of Nazi executioners, fell below the radar of chroniclers of the Holocaust. In a much-needed act of reclamation, Joshua M. Greene, the producer/director of the acclaimed documentary, "Witness: Voices of the Holocaust," brings to vivid life the dedication, decency and moral probity of a young Alabama-born prosecutor, who won more convictions of Nazis than any other lawyer in the entire post-war period. By seamlessly weaving courtroom drama, personal stories and hitherto unpublished documents into a tale that pierces the heart, Greene does justice to history."

Michael Skakun
Jewish Press Review


"This book has immense value. First, it provides a permanent testimony of the horror of the Hitler regime and the courage of its adversaries. More importantly, it resolves a longstanding misimpression concerning the efforts of those in the post-Holocaust period who strived to establish a democratic foundation for human rights... [Justice at Dachau is] an irreplaceable document."

Arthur Haulot, Co-Founder
Underground Prisoner Committee
Inside Camp Dachau


"Bill Denson’s death deprived the world of one of this century’s great champions of human rights and human dignity. His truly remarkable career inspires awe to this day, particularly among those of us who carry on the work he began."

Eli Rosenbaum, Director
Criminal Division, Office of Special Investigations
United States Department of Justice


"A remarkable account of one determined prosecutor's quest to reveal and punish the atrocities committed by German officials at the Nazi concentration camps."

Drexel A. Sprecher, former Nuremberg prosecutor
Author, Inside the Nuremberg Trial:
A Prosecutor's Comprehensive Account


"It is little remembered that the first efforts to bring to justice perpetrators of the atrocities committed during the Hitler regime of Nazi Germany began in concentration camp Dachau soon after that camp had been liberated by the U. S. army. The pioneering efforts of Judge Advocate William Denson, who prosecuted many of the criminals, are recorded here in dramatic detail. Joshua Greene’s historical biography provides a new vista on an increasingly significant chapter of human history."

Benjamin B. Ferencz
War Crimes Investigator and Chief Prosecutor
Nuremberg Trial against SS Extermination Squads


"The Nuremberg Trials conducted by the Allied Military Courts against the defendants chiefly responsible for National Socialist crimes have attained worldwide fame. Far less is known however about the so-called Dachau Trials, which included the most serious and horrific crimes committed in the Nazi concentration camps at Dachau, Mauthausen and Buchenwald. With his new book, Joshua Greene offers an exciting account of the course of the trial proceedings.

"At its center stands the outstanding personality of Col. William Denson, the chief American prosecutor. It is not the least thanks to his sense of justice, tied to a deep empathy with the victims of the accused, that the Dachau Trials have become a historical lesson in dealing with crimes against humanity. Against the background of discussion about the necessity of establishing an International Court, the history of the Dachau Trials gains a new relevance today.

"Apart from this, the book represents a significant contribution to the worldwide debate on the perpetrators of the Holocaust."

Barbara Distel, Director
Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site


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